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Astrasana with joint venture in the Czech Republic

Astrasana Holding AG remains active in building a European network for the distribution of medical cannabis. As the company from Switzerland now announces, it will enter into another joint venture for this purpose, this time in the Czech Republic.

Just a few months after announcing a collaboration with a Belgian medical cannabis wholesaler, Astrasana Holding AG has forged a new cooperation in the Czech Republic. Through its subsidiary Astrasana Czech s.r.o., headed by managing director Tomas Ryska, Astrasana plans to participate in the medical cannabis market of the Central European country, as confirmed by Astrasana CEO Yves Antoniazzi:

"We are entering into a joint venture with the pharmaceutical company Pilulka s.r.o.. This gives us access to the Czech market and an existing patient base. Together, we are taking on the importation and distribution of pharmaceutical raw materials. As the legalization of cannabis medicines progresses throughout Europe, new markets will gradually open up, and we are in a prime position to tap into them."

The cooperation partner, Pilulka s.r.o., which was co-founded by Miroslav Smida, is the owner of a large hospital pharmacy in the Czech Republic, among other things, which already supplies thousands of patients.

Actually, patients in the Czech Republic have been able to be treated with cannabis therapies since 2014. In reality, however, it is still difficult to gain access to cannabis medicines. Only since last year have extracts been available that have a license as a medicine. Patients' needs can now be met through imports, and together Astrasana and Pilulka will now engage in the distribution of imported cannabis, supplying pharmacies in Pilulka's network with cannabis medicines. The first shipments to the Czech Republic are expected to be made in early May.

For this year, the legalization of cannabis as a pleasure is also planned in the Czech Republic, which will offer further opportunities and possibilities for the joint venture.

In addition to the distribution and trade of medical cannabis, Astrasana Holding AG is also involved in research projects. For example, a study at the University of Economics in Prague, VSE is investigating the economic aspects of the hemp plant. The international university network CEMS, to which globally leading business universities, companies and NGOs belong, is also involved in this project.

Prof. Tomas Ryska is leading the research comparing hemp-based active substances with conventional medicines. The main focus is on how patients, pharmacies, doctors and authorities behave when dealing with the drugs. The findings are to be taken into account in the marketing of cannabis medicines, optimize cooperation with the relevant authorities and ensure greater safety on all sides when dealing with cannabis medicine.

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