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First import of medical cannabis by Swiss joint venture

On 01.08.2022, Switzerland's BetmG was amended and cannabis was approved for medical use via medical prescription without the need for a permit from the Federal Office of Public Health. The new regulation also created the legal framework for the import and export of medical cannabis products. Swissmedic is responsible for licensing and supervision. A strategic partnership between two companies has now succeeded in importing medical-grade cannabis for Switzerland's pharmacies for the first time.

As an international company, Astrasana Holding AG is not only active in Switzerland, where the company's headquarters are located, but also in the Czech Republic, Germany and Japan. Astrasana is focused on the cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis products and has recently entered into a partnership with the pharmaceutical specialist Solumedics. Together, they have now managed the first import of medicinal cannabis for Swiss pharmacies, hospitals and care institutions.

The CEO of Astrasana Holding sees all the prerequisites for a picture-perfect partnership in the cooperation with Solumedics:

"We are talking about a win-win situation. The liberalization of the cannabis market creates conditions for committed companies that have done the necessary groundwork. Now two companies are coming together here that jointly have control over all steps from the cultivation of plants to patient care. From our side, in addition to our own customer network, we primarily contribute extensive know-how in order to offer high-quality raw materials from sustainable production. Solumedics, in turn, supports us with the BTM license to enable the import of medical cannabis for the first time."

Reno Löffler, CEO of Solumedics AG, was also positive about the cooperation with Astrasana:

"Pharmacists and doctors must be able to rely on the fact that there are no variations in the efficacy and tolerability of the drugs. That's why we were looking for a partner who imports GMP-certified pharmaceutical raw materials. With our experience as a pharmaceutical producer, we are able to process first-class raw materials into valuable medicines for individualized medicine. Together with Astrasana, we can now serve this market."

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