As a pharmaceutical distribution specialist, Astrasana Pharma is one of the first companies to import medical cannabis and supply pharmacies and clinics.

Inspiration from nature, innovation from medicine

In our pharmaceutical business unit, we specialize in the launch and distribution of cannabis-based medicines. Working with carefully selected international partner companies, we ensure that the quality and consistency of our products are guaranteed. Our distribution network includes exclusive partner pharmacies, clinics and healthcare institutions, both online and offline. In addition, we have a broad network of physicians and pharmaceutical specialists.

Dr. med. Plebani

Board of Directors Astrasana Pharma AG

"At Astrasana, we don't just sell products. We build long-term partnerships and offer comprehensive consulting services. Our goal is to support you on your journey and provide holistic advice to help you succeed in your practice and provide the best patient care possible."

Cleaver Leaves

We are pleased to have Cleaver Leaves as our trusted extract supplier for medical cannabis in our partnership. Cleaver Leaves is known for its outstanding expertise in the extraction of high quality cannabis extracts.

Cantourage Group SE

We are proud to have entered into a strategic partnership with CANTOURAGE GROUP SE, the leading German medical cannabis company. Together we set standards in quality and reliability.

Quality starts at the source

In addition, Astrasana Pharma AG is working on the expansion of its own production facility of high-quality medicinal cannabis flowers in Lindau/ Tagelswangen. The completion of the first part in Lindau/Tagelswangen on about 700m2 took place recently.


Our grow and drying room - successful growth and optimal drying of plants.

Grow room


Our medical plant grow room provides the perfect environment for optimal growth and development. By carefully controlling temperature, humidity, light and ventilation, we create ideal conditions for healthy plants.

With state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we ensure high-quality and reliable production of medicinal plants.

Drying room


In our drying room, the final step of plant processing is carried out with the utmost care. By precisely controlling air circulation, temperature and humidity, we enable gentle and efficient drying of medicinal plants.

Our professional team ensures that the plants are optimally dried to preserve their potency and quality.

Lindauerstrasse 21
8317 Tagelswangen

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