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Autism Switzerland

Autismus schweiz is the largest non-profit organization on the subject of autism in Switzerland. The aim of the association is to improve the living situation of people on the autism spectrum and their environment. autismus schweiz imparts knowledge, raises awareness in society and increases understanding for those affected and their environment. autismus schweiz offers support in the form of advice, autism-friendly events and further training, among other things.


The CEMS University Network is a leading global network of business schools and multinational companies. It offers a unique educational model that prepares students for an international career. Through a combination of academic excellence, practical experience and a strong focus on interpersonal skills, CEMS enables students to navigate different cultural and business contexts.

University VSE Prag

We are proud to have a partnership with VSE University Prague in the field of research & economics of medical cannabis. VSE University Prague is known for its excellent academic expertise and contribution to the scientific community.

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