Through strategic alliances, we promote innovation
and progress in the healthcare industry.


Discover the power of partnership - shared growth and innovation in the healthcare industry.

We focus on strong strategic collaborations and close cooperation. Learn how through these partnerships we are developing groundbreaking solutions, driving breakthrough research and shaping the future of the healthcare industry.


We are proud to have entered into a strategic partnership with CANTOURAGE GROUP SE, the leading German medical cannabis company. Together we set standards in quality and reliability.

Cleaver Leaves

We are pleased to have Cleaver Leaves as our trusted extract supplier for medical cannabis in our partnership. Cleaver Leaves is known for its outstanding expertise in the extraction of high-quality cannabis extracts.

University VSE Prag

We are proud to have a partnership with VSE University Prague in the field of research & economics of medical cannabis. VSE University Prague is known for its excellent academic expertise and contribution to the scientific community.


We are proud to have Solumedics as our trusted Pharmaceutical Distributors for import and distribution in Switzerland. Solumedics is a renowned company specialized in importing high quality pharmaceutical products.

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