We offer companies in Europe and Japan tailor-made formulations according to their product ideas. These can be filled and packaged in the desired packaging and design.

Bespoke Formulation

New Product Development – in all companies the ability to pivot and to be able to bring in new innovations may well determine the success of that business. Here at Astrasana we specialise in new product development. We are experts at creating a range of new products whether from the Cannabis side of the business through new anti-crystalline distillate or bespoke full spectrum complexes and crude oils. We are also experts in manufacturing Vaping products and custom oils to suit our customers needs. We really excel in the cosmetic world where we create bespoke creams, serums, oils, balms and patches. All these products are tested under cosmetic conditions, and all are registered on the EU cosmetic portals.


We understand that branding your product is key to its success, therefore we help you in placing your product in the correct packaging to give it the best chance of success. If you need help with Packaging please ask us.


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