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Astrasana is an internationally active Swiss cannabis company with three other companies in the Czech Republic, Germany and Japan.


Astrasana Holding is an established Swiss cannabis company. It comprises an international network of companies serving all market segments within the industry.

With its headquarters in Switzerland and three other companies in Germany, the Czech Republic and Japan, Astrasana employs a total of around 30 people and distributes its products in over 18 countries worldwide.

    1. Mr. Antoniazzi has been working for well-known cannabis companies in Europe since 2017, where he managed supplier relations, logistics and expansion.

      Together with his business partners he founded Astrasana Holding AG and is now mainly focused on the expansion of the company network as well as the development of new strategic alliances and international projects within the Astrasana Group.

      Yves Antoniazzi

      Managing Director

    2. Ms. Yoshida managed the Japanese market for an international cannabis company based in the UK for 4 years.

      Previously, she worked for 15 years for international government institutions such as the United Nations, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At Astrasana Group, she leads the expansion of the distribution network as Managing Director and Board Member of the Japanese subsidiary.

      Chikako Yoshida

      Managing Director Japan

    3. Dr. Ryska is a Fulbright Alumni and professor at the University of Economics in Prague/CEMS. He has been involved in cannabis research for 20 years, focusing primarily on patient therapy.

      As the managing director of Astrasana Czech s.r.o., he leads, among other things, the research project in favor of medical cannabis in cooperation with the University CEMS in Prague.

      Prof. Tomas Ryska

      Managing Director Czech

    4. Mr. Mallach has worked in the cannabis industry for five years, driving the growth of a UK cannabis company from 5 to 60 employees. His focus has been on acquiring key accounts in the UK and Europe.

      As Sales Manager of Astrasana Group, he leads a 4-person sales team and is responsible for customer expansion in Europe.

      Sam Mallach

      Manager Business Development Europe & UK

    1. Dr. med. Sorg

      Board of Directors & Doctor

    2. Giuseppe Plebani, MD, has led the launch of novel medicines for some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Takeda.

      In his last position as Global Medical Affairs at Vectura Fertin Pharma, he also invested in medical cannabis and developed numerous cannabis-based medicines.

      Dr. med. Giuseppe Plebani

      Chief Medical Officer & Member of the Board

    3. Mr. Mihajlovic has been the dedicated managing director of Rosengarten Apotheke AG since 2011. Passionate about cannabis and pharmaceuticals, he is equally dedicated to the research and development of novel products. As project manager of the distribution of medicinal cannabis through his pharmacist network, he maintains constant contact with the authorities and supports Astrasana in specialist and technical matters.

      Ivan Mihajlovic

      Board of Directors & Pharmacists

    1. Mr. Smida, co-founder of the Pilulka pharmacy chain, is primarily responsible for pharmaceutical sales in the Czech Republic. As a sales manager at various pharmaceutical and industrial companies, he was responsible for exponential sales increases and new market openings.

      In the joint venture with Astrasana Pharma s.r.o., he is leading the sales of cannabis-based medicines in Czech pharmacies and clinics.

      Miroslav Smida

      Sales Manager

    2. PharmDr. Irena Šmidová

      Responsible Pharmacist

    3. Mr. Perneel, a former marketing and brand manager for international retail groups, is known for his network of relationships and entrepreneurship in the Benelux. As CEO of Nexgen/DLH, the leading CBD and tobacco company in Belgium, he controls 70% of the domestic market. Thanks to a minority shareholding of Astrasana Holding AG in his company, an offtake channel for almost 50% of the production capacity of CBD extracts and flowers opened up.

      Joeri Perneel

      Director & Brandmanager DLH/Nexgen

    4. Mr. Bliggenstorfer is a qualified pharmaceutical sales representative and was responsible for the sales of medicinal products in the sales force of Drossapharm for 20 years.

      He has an extensive network of physicians and pharmacies and supports Astrasana Pharma as a Pharmaceutical Advisory Board Member in the sale of its medical products.

      Ueli Bliggenstorfer

      Pharmaceutical Advisory Board

    5. Mr. Beck, a graduate engineer, supports various well-known pharmaceutical and medtech companies in optimizing processes and business models.

      He supports the Astrasana Group in all technical and professional matters and complements our company with his pharmaceutical network to foster exchange and collaboration with relevant partners.

      Horst Beck

      Technical Advisory Board

    1. Klara Palata

      Head of Logistics

    2. Tomas Hanak

      Creative Director & Co-Founder Releaf s.r.o.

    3. Melanie Hässig

      Office Manager

    4. Martina Fortnerova

      Warehouse Manager

    1. Jack Webb

      Head of Sales

    2. Kai Jamel

      Sales Operations & Strategy

    3. Sebastian Cretu

      Sales Executive

    4. Pino Falcone

      Sales Executive

    5. Nils Gertsons

      Sales Executive

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