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Cantourage Group SE launches Astrasana in Switzerland, a range of high-THC medicinal cannabis flowers

Berlin, October 24, 2023 - Cantourage Group SE (hereinafter "Cantourage", ISIN: DE000A3DSV01, www.cantourage.com), a leading European company for the production and distribution of medical cannabis, has signed a long-term supply agreement for medical cannabis with the Swiss cannabis company Astrasana. On this basis, Cantourage will make available a selected range of a total of four high-quality medical flowers with a high THC content as of today. At market launch, patients in Switzerland will be able to obtain medical cannabis flowers from growers LOT 420, Green Karat and Breathing Green from Canada. Yves Antoniazzi, CEO of Astrasana, says: "We are excited about this partnership with Cantourage, which will allow us to bring high-quality medical cannabis flowers with a high THC content to the Swiss market. This is a significant step for Astrasana and a milestone in the supply of medical cannabis in Switzerland. The collaboration will allow us to serve the increasing demand for high quality medical products and thus meet the needs of patients." Sebastian Blöte, Director Sales Europe of Cantourage, comments: "As an emerging company in the medicinal cannabis market, we are very pleased to be able to expand our footprint in Europe together with Astrasana. The range for Astrasana, which features high THC content buds, is already in high demand in the German market. Under the closed partnership, we can now jointly set new standards in the supply of medicinal cannabis in Switzerland." The partnership with Cantourage marks a significant development for the supply of medical cannabis in Switzerland. Since the legalization of medical cannabis in August 2022, a variety of opportunities have opened up that can now be exploited by Astrasana in collaboration with Cantourage. For the time being, the introduction of the high-quality THC flowers, which are cultivated according to craft standards, will take place exclusively through the Rosengarten Apotheke in Zurich Bassersdorf. The latter specializes in processing and dispensing medical cannabis. Cantourage focuses on producing, releasing and distributing high quality flower from cultivation partners around the world according to GMP specifications. This quality and expertise will now be made available to patients in Switzerland through the cooperation with Astrasana.

About Astrasana
Astrasana Holding is an emerging Swiss cannabis company. The group comprises an international network of companies serving all market segments within the industry. Headquartered in Switzerland and with three additional companies in the UK, Czech Republic as well as Japan, Astrasana employs a total of around 30 people and distributes its products to over 18 countries worldwide.

Further information: astrasana.com

About Cantourage
Cantourage is a leading European company for the production and distribution of cannabis-based medicinal products and pharmaceuticals. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2019 by industry pioneers Norman Ruchholtz, Dr. Florian Holzapfel and Patrick Hoffmann. With an experienced management team and its "Fast Track Access" platform, Cantourage enables producers from around the world to become part of the growing European medical cannabis market faster, easier and more cost-effectively by processing and distributing their cannabis raw material and extracts. In doing so, Cantourage always ensures compliance with the highest European pharmaceutical quality standards. The company offers pharmaceutical-grade products in all relevant market segments: dried flower, extracts, dronabinol and cannabidiol. Cantourage was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on November 11, 2022 and is listed under the ticker symbol "HIGH".

Further information: www.cantourage.com

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